Is Dropbox integrating with Google Docs? registered


It looks like Dropbox the file hosting service that has been valued by some at $5 billion may finally be officially integrating with Google Docs.

The company went on a domain buying spree this week, purchasing the domain names,, and through the registrar MarkMonitor.

There are services that help you sync your files between Google Docs and Dropbox like Cloudhq, but easily creating and collaborating on Google Docs from within Dropbox is missing.

It’s been rumored that Dropbox is raising additional capital, which may be used to launch a marketing campaign in addition to new features as it competes with companies like, who joined forces with Google Docs back in June.

While the “DropboxDocs” domains clearly show Dropbox Inc. as the owner, additional domain names hinting at an online marketing campaign were also registered at the same time using MarkMonitor’s privacy service DNStination.  As a result, the owner behind the domains is unknown, but considering the timing, there’s a good chance they too belong to Dropbox.  The names centered around the phrase “Files are Dead”, which followed recent articles in the news suggesting the Dropbox use case may not survive the cloud

The names included:

Here’s a look at the Whois record for, which was registered on August 29.

        Domain Administrator
        Dropbox, Inc.
        760 Market St Suite #1150
         San Francisco CA 94102

    Domain Name:

        Registrar Name:
        Registrar Whois:
        Registrar Homepage: http:// www.

    Created on…………..: 2011-08-29.
    Expires on…………..: 2013-08-29.
    Record last updated on..: 2011-08-30.

At the time of this story, neither nor resolve to a web page.

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