Looks like Paramount’s Paranormal Activity 4, 5, and 6, headed for big screen

Paranormal Activity 3

With the massive success of the Paranormal Activity franchise, it’s no surprise that Paramount is eyeing at least three more films in the supernatural horror film series.

While it could be nothing more than defensive domain registrations, this week, Paramount has gone out and registered several names like Paranormalmovie4.com, Paranormalmovie5.com, and Paranormalmovie6.com.

The list of newly registered domain names includes:


Although the owner of the names remains hidden behind WHOIS privacy, all of the web addresses were registered through MarkMonitor, well-reputed for its internet brand protection services provided to companies like Google. 

Paramount Pictures already registered paranormalactivity4movie.com through MarkMonitor in early December 2010.

Though Paramount Pictures hasn’t officially confirmed a Paranormal Activity 4, 5, or 6, considering the films have been one of the best investments in movie studio history, you can guarantee Paramount is already thinking forward to October 2012.


  1. :'( i hate parnomal atived

  2. Sanam88825 says

    spiderman dies today people.

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