CamperForce: Amazon getting ready to launch resource, job site for workampers

Amazon Camper Force

Back in late September, I wrote about Amazon’s Legal Department registering the domain name, but really had no idea as to plans for the name.  

After a bit more digging, I found more information, including a trademark application (Serial Number: 85471619) for the word ‘Camperforce’ filed this week by Amazon.

It appears Amazon is getting ready to launch a website for its workampers – people who travel and live in an RV, then get jobs working in the area where they are visiting.

According to a recent ABC News article, Amazon hires temporary seasonal employees for their warehouses, including workampers, and is by far the biggest workamper employer.  A post on Live. Work. Dream. says the company even has “Camper Force Coordinators”, gives completion bonuses, covers campground costs, and even gives its workampers a 10 percent discount on Amazon purchases.

The goods and services in the company’s latest trademark filing cover “employment recruiting, hiring and placement services; providing online employment recruiting services; providing a searchable database featuring employment opportunities; providing a website where users can obtain information about employment opportunities” and “providing information about temporary housing accommodations.”

At the time of this story going online around 5am EST, Amazon has not made any announcements on its Press Releases site nor does the domain resolve to a web page.  So, a resource web site featuring camping information and available jobs is still just speculation.

But I have a feeling with the holidays coming up, the domain name registered, and the new trademark filing this week, workampers can expect to see something online very soon.