Looks like Seth Weintraub of 9to5Mac, may launch 9to5Kindle [UPDATED]


It appears Seth Weintraub, owner of the popular tech news blogs 9to5Mac and 9to5Google, is branching out with a new site focused on Amazon and its Kindle devices and products.

With the release of the Kindle Fire just a week away, Seth Weintraub registered the domain name 9to5Kindle.comon November 7, 2011.

While it’s only speculation since a website isn’t online and no announcement has been made, given Seth’s blogging success and the massive buzz of the Kindle Fire, it’s safe to say the 9to5 franchise will be growing soon.

Seth’s 9to5Mac tech news blog is ranked number 12 as of today in Techmeme’s LeaderBoard, not far behind long standing news sites like the Wall Street Journal, the New York Times and CNET News.

I’ve reached out to Seth for comment and will update this post if I receive a response.

[Update 1 November 8, 2011 3:12pm EST: Seth replied by email saying, “We like to keep our options open.  We see Amazon and Facebook platforms emerging and think there may be a market for covering all four big future platforms.  We have no plans at the moment to start covering Amazon or Facebook except in relation to Apple and Google.”]

[Update 2 November 9, 5:26am EST: On the same day Seth registered, he also purchased]