cyber squatter throws away $22K, domain now belongs to LinkedIn WHOIS

Back in December, LinkedIn filed a complaint (Case No. 1417534) with the National Arbitration Forum over the typo domain (missing an ‘e’). 

The web address redirected consumers to an online scam that asked a handful of questions and attempted to gather personal information by promising free gifts like a $1,000 Walmart gift card, to anyone who finished filling out the survey.

The owner learned an expensive lesson after they allegedly paid $22,000 to the buy the domain at SnapNames in July 2010.

Now, the domain name belongs to LinkedIn (WHOIS).

LinkedIn withdrew the domain dispute in late December.  It appears the respondent in the case agreed to turn over the name without waiting for a panel to order the name transferred.

It’s unknown whether LinkedIn paid any amount of money to expedite the transfer of the domain, but it’s unlikely, considering LinkedIn was pretty much guaranteed a win.


  1. Very poor and libelous reporting. You call the person a cybersquatter although he didn’t lose a case. You assumed in title he didn’t get compensated for the name, etc etc.  

  2. says

    You really expected the owner to win the case?