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New Trion Worlds game? CEO Scott Hartsman registers “Trove” game domains [UPDATED]


Could something new be in the works at Trion Worlds, maker of internet game Rift?

Several domain registrations in the past week seem to point to the possibility.

Trion Worlds’ CEO Scott Hartsman and brand protection agency MarkMonitor registered a slew of names related to an unannounced project called “Trove”.

MarkMonitor, which is also the registrar for, privately registered names for the phrase “Play Trove” in a number of different extensions like and Each of the names reside on Trion’s name servers at While Scott Hartsman scooped up names for “Trove Game” such as and

Trion Worlds Inc. even shows up on the WHOIS record of some “Trove” domains.

Play Trove

None of the domain names currently resolve to a website.  But based on the sheer number and timing, one would expect an announcement to come soon.

Here’s a look at some of the domains that were registered:

The last time I wrote about Trion, the company had unveiled Defiance after paying $90,000 USD for the matching domain

Stay tuned.

UPDATE 1 November 15, 2013:. Trion Worlds has announced Trove.  You can watch the video below.


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