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Cityville app is oh-so-close to 100 million monthly active users (Domain bought for only $38,000)

Cityville by Zynga

Cityville, the popular social game developed by Zynga, is very close to reaching 100 million monthly active users. 

According to the latest stats from application trends and metrics tracker Appdata, Cityville has reached 98,798,539 monthly active users and is set to be the first game in history to hit 100 million users, within the next week.

Cityville, like many of Zynga’s social games, has experienced a quick rise to the top.

It quickly hit 6 million online users within 8 days of going online.

The domain name, which Zynga owns and re-directs to its Facebook application page, was purchased for a mere $38,225 at Moniker less than a year ago.

Although Cityville and Zynga have made a lot of headlines, the company did recently acquire for a somewhat bargain price of $4,500.

But after the historic success of Cityville and other games, Zynga may have a hard time acquiring “ville” domains at these prices on the aftermarket. 

At least with people and companies a little more familiar with domain names and the possible mystery buyer behind the offer.