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Guessing the next big domain trend? What’s hot in the gaming world

Avatar 3D video game

Keeping up with the hottest trends before they become too hot is something many domain investors like to do, because it gives them the opportunity to buy low, and sell high. 

While it’s impossible to keep on top of all the emerging trends in different industries, here’s one industry that is currently in the midst of a lot of changes and has a huge market:  gaming.

Gamasutra’s Best Of 2010: Top 5 Major Industry Trends

Gamasutra, the popular online gaming magazine that was the first to break the news that Activision may be taking its Call of Duty franchise into future warfare for it next title, has published their Top 5 trends in the gaming industry.

Runnerups in 2010 include Facebook gaming, 3D stereoscopic gaming, cloud gaming, digital, and this year’s hottest trend in gaming is next-generation motion controls like Microsoft’s controller-free Kinect.

For a rundown of what’s hot in the gaming industry and why see the story from Gamasutra.