Fusible gets a facelift with WordPress

Fusible website
Old Fusible website (pictured) gets makeover

The website has been re-launched as a WordPress blog.  For regular readers of the Fusible blog, you may have been a little surprised in the last few days that the look and feel of the website has changed. 

After blogging on for nearly a year, we decided to shutdown our custom-built website, in favor of WordPress. 

Got the Push to Change, after being hacked

Our website had been hacked, and we had taken the site down earlier in the week to address the issue.  But even after remedying the issue, the site got hacked again, making it difficult to get anything done. 

While WordPress is a favorite of Hackers, protecting a custom-built site was becoming more costly. 
And essentially, we were having to custom-build enhancements – that were offered as free plug-ins by WordPress developers.

We got the push we needed this week to finally change platforms.  The new website will have the old content from our blog, but putting up all the stories will take some time (most likely a few weeks).   We’ll be focusing on re-designing the site for domain industry news, rather than a cluttered company site that prominently featuring our web properties, projects, and domain holdings – instead of news stories.

Nothing has changed, just the look and feel

New Fusible site
The new version of Fusible is delivered through WordPress

For readers interested in the WordPress theme we’re using for our facelift, it’s a Premium Theme from Solostream.  

The new version of our site will be much cleaner, much easier to navigate, and much easier for us to improve and maintain.  We’re gonna get dinged in the Search Engines, but long term, WordPress is the best solution, especially when writing was the main focus of the old website.