Domain bloggers get opportunity to share profits with aggregator

Popular domain news aggregator is planning to dip into its profits generated by the sales of domains listed in the January 9th sales newsletter.

In mid-December, Francois Carrillo the owner of, told several domain bloggers listed with the news site, that they would receive part of the profit.

“As the year is ending I would like to thank our bloggers for having shared their knowledge, experience, enthusiasm… all this past year, but also give you the opportunity to do the same,” wrote Carrillo via e-mail.

The upcoming sale is being heavily promoted by domain bloggers, and as can be expected with all the attention, should attract a good mix of sellers and buyers.

Ron Jackson of DNJournal wrote earlier this week, “The way it works is that anyone who wants to put a name up for sale in the event (only one name per person), can submit it for consideration here. Carrillo plans to put the 100 best submissions in a sales newsletter that will go out Monday, January 9, 2012.”

News set to launch ecrow service for domains in December

ecop is set to launch a domain escrow service in December: eCop.

The service will cater specifically to buyers and sellers of domain names from one of the most experienced innovators in the domain industry: Francois Carrillo – who has built the top domain name news portal with, in addition to a range of other services.  

That’s where the domain aspect comes in.  Knowing the needs of domain buyers and sellers.  The service will secure domain sales, leases, swaps and other custom transactions.

While all the details haven’t been posted, the service offers a low flat fee of $25 for transactions under $5,000.

eCop will support a variety of transactions: ‘While many escrow services exist for domain sales, none offers a way to secure domain leases, domain exchanges or to secure complex domain transactions.’

Read more about the soon-to-launch domain escrow service.