How To: Use Fiverr to make money with domain names

Fiverr, the website where people share things they’re willing to do for $5, attracted a lot of news coverage in 2010.  The service which launched in February 2010, saw its traffic spike to over 400,000 unique visitors by March after a number of news sites and technology blogs like TechCrunch reported  news of the start-up. 

In Nov. I wrote about the zany service, after a Fiverr-clone reportedly sold on Flippa for $52,000.  The winning bidder from the November auction attempted to re-flip the site again earlier this week.  The auction for, which closed today for $74,999 appears to be another failed auction at Flippa, after an apparent disgruntled Flippa user made a bid for $1 less than buy-it-now price.   

While Fiverr is just in time for a troubled economy, it’s nowhere near as popular as say, group-buying, despite Fiverr-clones already appearing online – a sign that a site is successful to some degree.   

Fiverr for entrepreneurs

Owen Frager’s blog linked to an article by Dave Lavinsky’s article where he summed up the site’s success in a few lines: “This is a pretty simple concept and the site works very simply. I’m sure that the founders have thousands of ideas to make the site better (e.g., adding things that people will do for $25, etc.), but they started simply with the minimal viable product). Now, with success, they are adding more features (based on what customers are saying they want!). This is the formula for success.”

While thousands of people are making money selling their services for $5, it’s not just the usual internet marketers pitching gimmicks that are making money off the web site.

How are people making money off domain names?

A lot of Fiverr users are promising to find the best possible domain names that can still be hand-registered. 

For example, here’s one seller that will give you five .com domain ideas that have Estibot values of at leat $100.  For readers unfamiliar with Estibot, the website provides free domain appraisals, a somewhat tricky business with no perfect science.

I will give you 5 .com domain names that are available to be registered and that have Estibot values of at least $100. I have many years of domain name buying experience and can help you obtain quality domain names that are actually being searched for based on keywords. I own hundreds of domains and I buy and sell them on a regular basis.

Another seller who goes by tigerheart says he’s the master at finding high-quality domain names.

I’m a master at finding high quality domains for people and organizations. I have dozens of sites myself that represent different projects ->,,,,,, and dozens more.

WordPress hosting, lists of typo domains, killer domain ideas, and much much more; there is definitely no lack of creativity by people selling domain services on Fiverr.


Use Fiverr’s search tool to see what gigs are being posted related to “domain names”, “seo” and other related services.