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Google Inc. files domain name dispute over Google TV typo —

Google TV

Google Inc. has filed a complaint over the domain name with WIPO, the World Intellectual Property Organization. 

The domain name appears to be a typo of Google’s own, which re-directs to the Google TV home page located at   According to Compete, a site that provides free information for every web address on the internet, the typo doesn’t even get enough traffic to be statistically relevant. 

A look at Whois records shows the name currently registered to a, xuyecheng

Over the years Google has filed dozens of cases at WIPO and won.  As far as back as 2000, Google won, but the company also goes after its other brands like which it won in 2010.

Googletv Domain Typos

A number of variations of such as and are registered to Google, however, many of the typos are not. 

The Domain Typo Finder provided by DomainTools, gives a clue as to what has been registered by individuals or organizations other than Google.

Once you type in the url googletv, results show dozens of typos already registered, and in many cases, to the same registrant. 

For example, “Song Bin”, is the registrant for,,,, and

Another possibility for the domain dispute, if not over a typo of, is over it’s country domain, for the country of Togo.