Fake ‘Modern Warfare 4 Beta’ website taken down after news of scam spreads [UPDATED]

As of today, a website that promised users beta codes to the yet-to-be-announced "Modern Warfare 4" has been taken down. The website went offline only after news of the scam, which operated on the domain name ModernWarfare4Beta.com, spread across the internet in the past 24 hours. A YouTube … [Read more...]

ModernWarfare4.com domain no longer hostage to ZiiP community [Updated]

The domain name ModernWarfare4.com which grabbed headlines in 2009 seems to have a new home.  The story of ModernWarfare4.com started years ago with a threat to hurt a clown if the game development studio behind Modern Warfare, Infinity Ward, didn’t play ball with the ransom demands of the owner … [Read more...]