New York Post article predicts NJ Gov. Chris Christie vetoes online gambling bill

Governor Chris Christie

Online gamblers have waited patiently in New Jersey for Governor Chris Christie to sign a bill for internet gaming legislation that was passed by the New Jersey Senate in November 2010.  Now, an article in the New York Post entitled All bets off(line) is predicting that Gov. Christie will veto the bill, rather than sign the bill into law or do nothing and let the bill automatically become law in March.

Online gambling, if passed, even at the state level, could be a boom for the domain industry with respects to gambling domains.  Although, gambling domains didn’t need much help in 2010, with two domains in the Top 10 Domain Sales of 2010 totalling nearly $7 million; and

So, what’s happening in New Jersey’s Office of The Governor?

“The first-term Republican has six days, until Feb. 24, to veto the bill or it becomes law.”, writes the New York Post.

“Christie is being pushed in both directions,” a source close to the situation said. “My gut tells me he is not going to sign.”

Lawmakers passed the bill on Jan. 10, hoping to breathe new life into the state’s 11 casinos — which, because of stepped-up competition from Delaware and Pennsylvania, saw monthly revenues fall by $100 million over the last two years.

Internet gaming would bring in roughly $10 million in added revenue a month, one lawmaker estimated. The cash-strapped state, which will tax online gaming revenue at a 23 percent clip, expects to pocket roughly $28 million in added revenue a year.

Critics have not been happy and speculation on what’s driven the Governor to possibly change is all over the spectrum.  An article on Calvin Ayre’s Tablog shows a photo of Gov. Christie with a gun pointing to his head.

Read more of the story in the New York Post.

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