Unbelievable: Six-figure domain name expires at Network Solutions, going up for auction


It appears the owner of, a domain name which appraises for $136,000 at, has neglected to renew it.  The domain expired at Network Solutions on January 18, 2011, and is now pending renewal or deletion. is being made available at NameJet, the aftermarket auction company, which has an exclusive partnership with Network Solutions, the registrar where the domain is currently registered.

At the time of this story being published, the domain is in the pre-bidding phase and already has a high pre-bid of $5,000 with over 100 interested buyers.  The name is set to go to private auction on February 22, 2011.

A little history of was first registered back in 1996, at a time when premium .com domain names were readily available.

In the late nineties, the URL served as the home page for the Carlon family web site, according to  The multi-page web site featured family photos, art, and more about the family.

By 2000, the homepage got a new look.

Instead of showing off things about the family, the owner listed several domains that they had registered and were willing to take offers on.  The names included and – two domains which appear to be registered to new owners. sold at Afternic in 2005 for $1,260.

Who knows why the owner of let their domain name expire, because it has definitely expired according to the latest Whois information. domain name

Maybe it’s because they never got the right offer  or maybe perhaps they began neglecting their domains starting back in 2000. 

Whatever the case, if isn’t renewed in time, it’s certain to fetch top dollar at NameJet.

Updated:  In a discussion thread over at NamePros that was started from this story, members had some interesting comments about the expired domain.  Keith writes, “A quick search shows that the name was expired this time last year as well. It was obviously renewed and it was under the same ownership. Maybe he will do the same thing again.” 

This is a technique used constantly, as Shane_mac points out.  ” Without a doubt he will renew it, same as last year. Its just very clever marketing from a very shrewd businessman”.

Though it might be nothing more than a marketing stunt, members have tried to call the phone number listed for the doman.  Though it’s an incorrect number, Keith from Namepros mentioned on the discussion thread that the person has received a number of calls from people inquiring about the domain name, “Funny thing is that the guy who answered said, man there have been a ton of calls lately from people who are asking for this person, lol. The domain vultures in action!”


Pre-Bidding for Reaches $5,000 on NameJet

hong kong hotel

UPDATE: The final closing price was $10,000.

The domain name has reached $5,000 in pre-bidding over at NameJet, with over 100 bidders.  Estibot gives this name an appraisal of $75,000.   The Global Monthly Search volume for this exact phrase last month topped 33,000. has very few U.S. visitors per month according to DomainTools, but the search term “hong kong hotel” on Google search has nearly 10 pages of Sponsored Links, so with the right development, this could be a moneymaker. 

This name will be fun to watch, and we will make sure to tweet the final sale price and update this post.  If you want to place a pre-bid, backordering for this name ends at 11 PM PST tonight.

A little more background information can be found at Domain Tools.  Apparently, the name was first registered in 1998 but was allowed to expire.  And as many domainers have been pointing out, Bing is alot more domainer-friendly.  If you type the search term in Google versus Bing, the results are very different.  Depending on whether you type it with or without quotes, sites with the keyword phrase in their name, definitely appear higher in the search results.  Below is a screenshot from the first page of Bing search results for the search term “Hong Kong Hotel”:

Bing Hong Kong Hotel