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THQ acquires domain name, points it to Darksiders web page

Darksiders II

The Horseman Death is the main character for the upcoming action adventure video game Darksiders 2 by Vigil Games and THQ.

Now it looks like THQ will be stepping up its marketing in anticipation of the game’s launch this June.

According to Whois records, THQ has acquired the domain name for an undisclosed amount.  Just this week, the domain switched from Domains by Proxy, Inc. (Go Daddy’s Whois privacy service) to THQ, Inc.

Today, the web address points to the Darksiders home page on

THQ has been using the catch-phrase “Death Lives” in press releases, videos and other marketing materials, to draw attention to Darksiders 2. 

In a Developer Diary released last month, the team behind the game discussed why Death was chosen as the character.

You can watch the video below.