Kevin Ham’s Had 1 Million+ Visitors in 2008, Dotinfo 4 Million+

"BlackFriday Website"

Though not built on a .com, the website owns the top spot in Google Search.

Seasonal domains like don’t see a spike in traffic until a certain time of year.

Last year, (Parked) saw a SPIKE of over 1.3 million visitors. Now the Category-killer domain is developed and shows up on Page 1 of Google – can you imagine the online traffic it’s going to see this year?

Back in July, had over 2,000 visitors and has been experiencing an increase in traffic as BlackFriday approaches.

You think that’s impressive? Let’s look at last year. had over 4 million visits and in September is already over 50,000.

This Holiday season should be a battle between Dotcom and Dotinfo for Black Friday. At this rate – Kevin Ham’s dotcom doesn’t look like it’s going to gain any more ranking in the Search Engines, but there’s still a lot of time left. Even though Dotinfo is on top right now, now that the Dotcom is developed – it should be even more interesting to see if it dethrones from the top spot.