.ME domains might not be for you – but for Social Networking? FRIEND.ME sells for $21,000 on NameJet

Facebook.ME domains are raking in some cash on NameJet.  FRIEND.ME sold today on NameJet for $21,000. pulled in $15,200 yesterday.  In recent days, many .ME domains have sold on NameJet during their .ME premium auction that started on September 25th. 

With Facebook being an effective marketing tool and one of the top social networking websites in the world – a popular term among it’s users is “Friend Me”. 

Who knows what the new owner will have in store for the name – but captilazing on the popularity of Facebook – this domain could go far.,, and other Social Networking Phrases

Remember the sale of for $11,000? That sale sparked discussion among domainers.  The website is online.  The owner launched a Twitter related t-shirt website. is owned by, and re-directs to their Premium .me website.  According to the .ME registry:

Due to popularity, a list of Premium Names (PDF, and text file) have been held back by the Registry and are not currently available for registration. The Registry will release these premium domain names through various channels and processes in the future.

Other Notable .ME Sales – $70,000 – $22,500 – $20,100 – $17,500 – $12,000 – $10,000