Through’s Network, Eric Borgos made MILLIONS, can you do the same?

"Layoff Game"

It doesn't require a degree in rocket science to engage in the website with games like the Layoff Game where the goal is to save money by laying employees off. It may seem dumb, but the formula works.

Through Eric Borgos’ Network of Entertainment sites, he developed a simple formula of unique, content-focused minisites that connected people in ways that it was engaging and fun.

Eventually, the website was pulling in $35,000 a month in profit, before Eric sold the website and 170 other sites to JW Media for $4 million+.

We have featuerd Eric Borgos and his company Impulse Corp. previously on — which Impulse Corp. has interested us as domainers and domain developers.

Eric may have sold, but he owns the network.

The original wasn’t flashy or web 2.0, but it made money through it’s engaging features that drew in users. And the Entertainment network is also simple, linking to sites within it’s own network of engaging content and games to play.

Lower PPC, Fewer Domain Sales?

Amid the buzz of lower PPC and fewer domain sales, one thing is for sure, developing your domains creates more potential. You can put Adsense ads on your site, sell direct ads — you’re in control. Developing groups of names within a network, makes each brand stronger. 

If you’re spending money each year renewing your names with less revenue to sell, why not try your hand at development?

Although there are several sites offering domain development services, if you can’t afford those services, try giving and other freelance sites a shot to see if you can land an affordable, reliable developer.  Then start designing and creating and working with the developer to build and test.