A $62K Bet on taking a DotNet Domain to #1 While Helping Others w/SEO for FREE

Patrick Gavin

Patrick Gavin, who has been involved in search engine optimization since 2000 and previously co-founded Text Link Ads which was acquired by MediaWhiz in 2006 – took a BIG BET this past November when he purchased the DotNet Domain at  Patrick Gavin certainly doesn’t do anything small and he’s working on other projects to help others with SEO that can help you make the most of your website. 

Wanna learn how to take your Developed Domains to the top page of Google?  Who better to learn from than someone who has a trackrecord of success, than Patrick Gavin?   He’s proven keyword rich names coupled with a good service, whether they are DotNet or hyphenated, can become very successful businesses despite all the Category-Killer dotcom competition.  Patrick Gavin’s Big Bet on SEO

Patrick Gavin’s Big Bet on SEO

As others have reported when this story broke, Patrick’s wasn’t even cached in Google – at the time of this posting, the URL is indexed by Google.  It’s not even close to showing up in top 10, or 20, or even 50 Results pages – but that’s OK, Patrick has a 1-year plan to get his URL to the top of Google Search Results Page 1. 

Patrick has launched a blog using WordPress on the domain name – and chances are over the next few months, you’ll be seeing some changes. 

What’s Patrick’s goal behind this big gamble?

The idea for was to create a free SEO learning center where the teaching was done in a unique way.  The site will be a living case study chronicling the success or failure of ranking this very site for “search engine optimization”.  It will walk you through the steps I am taking to rank this site and track the results with full transparency.

I recently (over?)paid $62,500 for the domain  It was a parked domain that was not even cached in Google.   My goal is to take a domain that at the time of purchase is not even indexed in Google (so does not rank for anything) to #1 for “search engine optimization” within 365 days and teach visitors exactly how I did it (or failed to do it) along the way!  I will cover such topics as: Keyword research, Domain research and diligence, Domain negotiation, On page optimization, Link building, Tracking success, etc, etc.

DO IT YOURSELF! SEO for the rest of us

Patrick is also launching in early 2010 – with the goal of helping the rest of us with SEO – those us with very very small budgets.  And there’s a blog already online in lieu of a site.

But what about the small business that can budget only $500 and 25 hours per year towards online marketing?

At DIYSEO we are going after a different market in a very different way.  Andy and I both get many inquiries every week from small business owners (think real estate agents, small car dealers, restaurants, and part-time entrepreneurs) looking to get better exposure in organic search.  We have devised a way to give that expert advice to small business owners in a semi-automated yet highly customized format.

If you listened to all the Skeptics

If you’re in our boat, with a limited budget, limited expertise and certainly limited good domain names – if we listened to all the skeptics, we wouldn’t be here.  There are probably a ton of Industry experts cringing at the thought of anyone paying this kind of money for a Dotnet – but chances are Patrick knows what he’s talking about, and he’s not afraid to put his money where his mouth is.

After all, he sold a very successful business “Text Link Ads” to MediaWhiz – and the URL for the website is