Owner of JerseyShore.com Fails to Cash in on the Popular MTV Show, Despite Nearly 100K Exact Searches

MTV Jersey Shore Girls

According to WikiPedia, "The Jersey Shore is home to many renowned boardwalks including Asbury Park, Atlantic City, Belmar, Cape May, Ocean City, Keansburg, Long Branch, Point Pleasant Beach, Seaside Heights, and Wildwood."

MTV’s Jersey Shore reality TV series that follows eight people who spend their summer on the New Jersey shore, has been picking up popularity since airing in 2009. 

Though the show has stirred up controversy over Italian stereotypes and several advertisers have pulled their ads including Dell and Dominos, the show still gets ratings – and more importantly SEARCH TRAFFIC. 

The owner of JerseyShore.com (the dominant search phrase for the show), hasn’t taken advantage over the show’s popularity.  At the time of this article, a blank web page appears — even though the term “Jersey Shore” is a commonly used term and it’s been registered since the nineties.  The last update occurred over the summer in Jul. 2009.

As early as the nineties, the URL had a full fledged website online, and the owner could certainly rank if a web site was online today, but only 1 page is indexed by Google.

Other Related Tidbits

Type in traffic to JerseyShore.com reached nearly 2,000 visitors in Aug. 2009 according to Compete.com.

The phrase Jersey Shore had over 90,000 exact searches locally in November.  “the jersey shore” only had about 3,000.

The domain name MTVJerseyShore.com was last updated on 12-Dec-09 and the owner currently has the name parked at GoDaddy, with a For Sale link.  The URL doesn’t register any traffic.

TheJerseyShore.com is also available for sale and has been registered for at least 7 years.

JerseyShore.net expired on 31 Dec 2009, after being registered back in 1997.  It’s currently pending renewal or deletion.  The URL doesn’t resolve.

BuyDomains.com owns JerseyShore.org and has the name listed for sale for $2,088 over at GoDaddy Premium Names.

If you glance at JerseyShore.com on Archive.org going all the way back to 1999, the owners had a geo website online that include a beach cam, weather updates and more.