Who is Buying up all the Russia domain names?


The new owners of Russia.com and Russia.eu, stand to make a splash on the Search Engines depending on their plans. The phrase Russia had over 800,000 Exact Searches Globally in Nov. 2009, while it's Local counterpart had over 300,000 exact searches.

Russia.com sold in December for $1,500,000 through Sedo, taking DNJournal’s #6 Spot on the Top 100 domain sales of 2009. While the buyer remains a mystery, one of our readers suspects the buyer is Russia Standard, who previously purchased Vodka.com for $3 Million in 2006. Russia.eu also sold this week for $34,320 through Sedo.

If the new owner is the same, they haven’t wasted any time snapping up further extensions of the category-killer geo domain name.

While Russia.net is a website, the only “russia” URL that shows up on the first page of Google for the search term Russia; is russia-travel.com, a site that only gets about 3,000 unique visitors per month according to Compete. The other top placements on Google Search Results belong to Wikipedia, the CIA, and The New York Times.

Russia.org is currently monetized using Google’s Adsense for Domains.