Some of the BEST GAMES Domains Available Today on the Aftermarket; ‘,…

"Adicting Games"

No doubt the sale of and the revealing details about previous buys like will cause a landrush of registrations, but if you do some research you might be surprised what's still avaialble.

If you like those GAMES names, those hunting online should check out the aftermarket sites for deals on Sedo, NameJet, SnapNames, even Bido. There are still tons of names dropping everyday and there are deals to be had even with owners putting up their domains for rockbottom prices. 

We still haven’t found any we like in our price range or category (the only related Game names we purchased recently was and, both under $100 over at NameJet).

While participating in speculation might not be for you, sales like this get everyone hunting around for ways to cash in. In the spirit of GAMES domains, here’s a shortlist of some of the domains for sale on the aftermarket.


It’s easy to see what’s over at NameJet any given day. Some of the names below have 0 bids at the time of this posting. We’re currently watching an auction that ends in 11 hours with 23 bids from over 20 bidders for the domain The current high bid is only $100, but will likely go higher shortly before ending. The names listed below are still in the prebidding phase.

There are plenty of names parked and listed for sale over at Sedo. In some cases, while the name is listed for sale at Sedo, it’s no longer parked there. But you can look at the Bid History to see the level of interest. (the popular typo of, gets over 50,000 unique visitors per month) (listed for sale for $300, the name gets ove 1,000 unique visitors per month parked at Sedo)


There’s always possibilities at SnapNames. If you do a quick search on “games” tons of listings will appear. Some of the top GAMES names listed with prices include:

While the prices of the names above for SnapNames are priced well out of our range, there are deals you can find by searching.

Bido has had several GAMES domains listed for sale, in a variety of TLDs. One of their best sellers was