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Blizzard knows domains;,,, many more

Blizzard Entertainment

Blizzard Entertainment, the makers of some of the most popular computer games of all-time, ranging from World of Warcraft to Diablo, not only focus on creating amazing entertainment experiences, but they also focus on using generic keyword domain names for their company and several of their products.

The company’s web site  runs on the domain name a site that gets well over 500K unique visitors every month.  They’ve owned and operated as their company website as far back as 1996, but that’s just one of many names they’ve owned and operated since the early nineties.  Other names include and

While Blizzard doesn’t own every one of their product names, like (Starcraft Marine who manufacture boats and pontoons own, the operators of Blizzard Entertainment certainly understand the value of domain names – and they have understood the power of domain names and the internet for years and years.

Their domains may not be “category-killer” names as one of our readers has pointed out (thanks ggc), but they certainly are premium generic keyword names that have been built into their own online successful brands – rather than just sitting parked, or changing owners every few years to the next highest buyer.

With an amazing track record of developing computer games, they’ve been matching their games with domain names.

Diablo, the action/RPG game is matched up to

Warcraft, the game with over 11 million players online, is setup with  If you type into your browser, you’re redirected to Blizzard’s page for a 10 day FREE trial to World of Warcraft. receives over 1 million unique visitors per month according to the latest profile.

The List goes on and on.  To top it off, they acquire the .net and .org versions, too.  From to

If you’ve wondered if there are end user companies out there who get domain names – Blizzard Entertainment is a great example of an innovative company with a great portfolio of names.