Lack of interest in domain names with high reserves, SnapNames March Auction Not Faring Very Well

"Scrooge"The SnapNames Entertainment & Sports auction which is in progress and started on March 9, has over 500 domains up for auction, but very few bidders.

Are the names priced too high or is it just plain lack of interest among buyers?  Just 7 domains have bids out of more than 500 names and the total amount bid so far is just over $4,000.

Why the lack of interest?

The auction that includes names like and has placed high reserves on the domains. Interested in the domain: It’ll cost you at least $25,000 to meet the reserve set by the seller. In fact, the auction which has tons of sports domains to choose from like, and more – has drawn bids mostly to its 4-character domains listed for sale:,, and

The problem seems to not be a lack of interest to, but a lack of interest for domains with high reserves.  The website gets well over 60,000 unique visitors per month and its names are plastered all over the internet especially among domain blogs through their affiliate program.  We would venture to say that many of these domains listed in their March Showcase auction could probably do better if the reserves were lowered.

Whether buyers have a fear of spending or whether sellers have a fear of selling – this is one auction that doesn’t appear to be faring too well.