Baffled: Huge Product Domain expires, ends up on aftermarket:

"Alternators"Until you see some of the names that end up on the aftermarket, you wouldn’t believe that the previous owners allowed the names to expire. 

Product domains have always been a huge draw amongst domain investors in the aftermarket and shouldn’t be any exception.

The domain name expired on March 27, 2010 and is pending renewal or deletion through Network Solutions.  Because Network Solutions has a partnership with NameJet, the name will be put up for auction on May 1, 2010, unless of course the owner renews in time.

Some stats on the domain name:
The keyword “alternator” gets over 100,000 exact searches globally on a monthly basis, while the keyword “alternators” gets over 20,000.  There is certainly no lack of businesses specializing in selling alternators, both online and in brick-and-mortar storefronts.

Back in the early 2000s, the domain name was owned by OEM Industries, Inc. who specialize in the manufacture of precision and commercial gears, as well as other machined parts.  And they have an active web site to this day at (but they no longer own the name, and by the looks of it, they haven’t in some time).

It’s baffling that companies allow these names to expire, but good for the domain industry if the next buyer is able to pick it up at a reasonable price and resell it for a much greater price.

At the time of this posting the name only has 14 bidders with a high pre-bid of $69. appraises the name at $20,000.