Sale of for $200,000 leaves bad taste in Seller’s mouth, Seller Lost Money on Deal

Nasty Girl was previously purchased for $200,000 in 2006.

Several domain blogs are reporting today the sale of the domain name for $200,000 on the Sedo Marketplace.  The sale places in the top 15 reported domain sales in 2010 so far, according to the tracking done by DNJournal, but what’s hailed by many domain investors as a fantastic sale in 2010, likely isn’t the case for the seller, who was likely reluctant to sell for the amount. 

Why? was purchased for $200,000 in 2006 and was even reported in The DNJournal Top 20 Reported Domain Sales – Mon. July 17, 2006 – Sun. July 23, 2006.

Selling on Sedo, isn’t FREE
Selling on the Sedo Marketplace isn’t free.  Assuming the base fee of 10% commission was taken by Sedo, the seller lost at least $20,000 on the transaction based on the original purchase price they paid to Sedo.

Listing a domain for sale is FREE.

Selling is not.  And the seller chose not to pay an additional 2.5% to keep the sale private.   

While this may have been the best option for the seller who might be cash-strapped, it’s certainly a loss and not a surprising sale given it sold in 2006 for the same price.