Is Patrick Gavin’s $62,000 .NET Bet on buying, still a losing bet?

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If you remember Patrick Gavin, he took a big gamble last year when he purchased the .net domain on BuyDomains for $62,000.  Patrick has been involved in search engine optimization since 2000 and previously co-founded Text Link Ads which was acquired by MediaWhiz in 2006. 

Patrick has a 1-year plan to get his URL to the top of Google Search Results Page 1.  The clock started in late November.

Today, there hasn’t been much progress.  If you visit the website, a message appears that says: has gone offline. We will be back soon!

But Patrick has been busy.  He launched this week – with the goal of helping the rest of us with SEO – those of us with very very small budgets.

Patrick Gavin, might somehow do it
Patrick’s also been busy with his big gamble: Patrick has got his personal website/blog to the first page of Google for the keywords: search engine optimization.  If you remember earlier, Patrick made a major change and 301’d to temporarily.  A 301 redirect is where you permanently move a website to a new location without receiving any penalties by search engines. 

It should be interesting to see this all play out.

In case you’re wondering about his new venture DIYSEO, here’s a blurb from an email we received yesterday:

We have some exciting news: DIYSEO has officially launched to the public! You can check out a preview video on our homepage, or sign up for a free seven day trial. After the free trial, the service is $49 per month or $499 for an annual subscripton.

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