Remember Telepathy Buys it using an often-heard of strategy Sparked by our Story

strategyWith domains expiring all the time, there are often quite a few great domains in the mix creating opportunities for buyers. 

Domainers often devise clever strategies at buying domain names on the aftermarket.  One such strategy is contacting the owner directly to find out if they’d like to sell the name. 

When it comes to the expiring domain market, names that start at a $69 dollar bid, could end in the thousands after bidding wars between interested parties take place.  So why wait until the domain name goes to auction and pay a high price?  Contacting the owner directly before the name changes hands is a technique that doesn’t always work – but in the case of, it worked out well for one domain buyer.

Expired Domain
Earlier this week we wrote about that had expired and ended up on NameJet.  A few days after the story ran, we were contacted by Nat Cohen of Telepathy, Inc who wanted to thank us for writing the article. 

Why thank us?

After reading our story, Nat contacted the owner of  The owner renewed the domain after speaking to Nat just in time.  The owner never intended for the domain to expire, but obviously wasn’t that keen on owning the name any longer. 

What’s even better.  The owner agreed to sell the name to Telepathy.

Telepathy now owns a great domain and acquired it using a strategy that you might want to try.  See a domain name that’s expired on one of the marketplaces?  While it’s in pre-release, there’s a chance you could contact the owner and get a much better deal on the name than you would if it went to auction.  On the flip side, the owner might simply renew it and keep it and thank you for reminding them.  But in the case of, this strategy worked well for Telepathy.