Beta site of Kevin Ham’s newest venture is available (it’s DEFINITELY run by Kevin Ham, see it here) Beta

To see the beta site, go to: isn’t limited to a Coming Soon page, the website is in beta as well, and you can access the beta website and learn about Kevin Ham’s newest plans for an online business powered by group buying.

You can probably expect the full version of the website to be unveiled soon to the general public, but during the beta period you can visit the site and check out today’s deal, recent deals and a whole lot more.

And this venture is definitely run by Kevin Ham. According to the Beta website’s about page under the Who We are section:

We admit it, we’re deal lovers ourselves. That’s why our entrepreneurial team, based out of beautiful Vancouver, British Columbia (see our office Webcams), isn’t happy unless everyone shares the good news.

Our parent company, Reinvent, Inc. is a private online media and advertising company, as well as a leader in the business of direct navigation on the Internet. Working with our portfolio of over 400,000 premium domain names and the extended Reinvent Network, we receive over 30 million unique visitors every month.