With “Group Buying” Startups Surging, Expired Domain MassBuy.com Gets Alot of Interest on the Aftermarket


Group Buying Site GroupOn.com is valued at $1.2 billion

Plenty of companies and investors are throwing their hats into the “group buying” ring, including Domain Guru Kevin Ham with GoodNews.com, it seems at the moment, domain names that can help brand a group buying website are attracting lots of interest.

MassBuy.com expired on March 26, 2010, and it heads to private auction today.  At the time of this story, the domain has over 40 bids, with a current high pre-bid of $201.  While that might not sound like a lot, bidding usually gets much more competitive in the private auction phase.

Years ago, Group buying sites never quite had much success, but with millions of people using social media, Group Buying stands to be more than just a temporary craze.