Group Buying Startup Craze shows Hand registered domain names still have lots of potential

A rush of group buying sites have hit the web in the past year using domain names like and This might surprise some of you, but a lot of the group buying sites aren’t using category killer domains or even purchasing names on the aftermarket – they’re hand registering the domains.

Group Buying Website and was registered in June 2010.

Though category killer names have not lost their allure, online startups focusing on budget are setting up their websites with domain names available to any one. While some of the domain names might sound puzzling – like just registered in March – the startup entrepreneurs are showing .com is still what they’re focusing on.

Group Buying Online Startups, and their Domain names

While it can be a struggle for startups to pick and buy a great domain, many of the websites using hand registered domains, have been quite succesful at group buying – others not so much, but the group buying craze is still early, and players getting into the game now even with so-so names, could see it paying dividends later. was registered in October 2009. In April, the website had nearly 20,000 visitors according to Compete. registered in July 2009 recently hit 12,000 visitors per month.

There are plenty of group buying websites who plucked their hand registered domain names in the past year, here are just a few. was registered in october 2009. was created in March 2010. registered in April 2009.