– unused internet property by 20th Century Fox, What a Shame

"Independence Day"

Independence Day comes with plenty of big fireworks, family fun, cookouts and a slew of local and nationwide events each year.

Independence Day, otherwise known as the Fourth of July here in the United States, commemorates the day that the Declaration of Independence was adopted by the Second Contintental Congress on July 4, 1776.  

Independence Day also happens to be a Fox Film that debuted in 1996 and at one point according to Wikipedia – had the second highest worldwide gross of all time with a combined $816,969,268 in domestic and international box offices.

All that and more, but the domain name (which is owned by Fox Film) doesn’t even resolve to a web page.

Fox owns thousands of domains

The unused domain, which has a stellar search volume of nearly 250,000 exact global searches, could make a massive splash on the internet, but instead, the killer domain sits under a pile of domain names owned by Fox – nearly 20,000 of them.

What a shame, that such a great domain isn’t worth pursuing development – or for that matter, even worth redirecting to one of the Fox Film pages. which is owned by Verimedia, Inc – redirects to