Hallpass Media launches another website from their Portfolio of Domains: VirtualPets.com (in Beta)

"Virtual Pets"

Hallpass Media has been busy at work --- developing, testing, and launching websites --- with more to come.

Hallpass Media run by Bill Kara, has launched its newest website, VirtualPets.com (currently in Beta). The casual game company that acquires and develops killer game properties unveiled VirtualPets.com earlier today, where casual gamers can adopt, dress up, care for, or play with their favorite zoo, farm, exotic, house and ocean pets.

The site features an ‘Adopt a Pet’ section where players can adopt and care for anything from puppies to pandas. Other sites features allow users to take a visit in the Zoo games section to play with animals from around the world. Breed and train a stallion in the Farm section or enjoy an underwater adventure with some fishy friends in the Ocean section.

The site recently came out of testing after recently launching CookingGames.com in May 2010, which already ranks near the top of search engines for the phrase “cooking games” after only being online for a matter of weeks.

Bill Kara, Eric Borgos have more in common

Eric Borgos, another well-known and respected domainer-developer who operates Impulse Communications, currently owns the top spot in Google Search for the keywords “virtual pets” with his AdoptMe.com website. Eric, who made millions with his sale of Bored.com and 170 other websites – is also a big time domainer, who develops out casual gaming properties as well with properties like Dumb.com.

Bill Kara and Eric Borgos both have been buying and developing domain names for years and making millions in the process, so it should be an interesting competition in the search engines – with the newly launched VirtualPets.com pitted against the long standing AdoptMe.com.

It was only 7 days after launching CookingGames.com, that the site landed on the first page of Google…

Eric Borgos
Eric Borgos

What is interesting is that I have never done any SEO work for Adoptme.com. It has been online for 10 years as a leading virtual pets site, and Google seems to give a lot of weight to that.