Professional Poker Player and Domainer, Dutch Boyd wins second WSOP Bracelet

"Dutch Boyd"

Dutch Boyd not only blogs about his Poker exploits, but he also blogs about domaining.

He did it again. Dutch Boyd the professional poker player and domainer has won his second WSOP bracelet.  He won his second bracelet this past Sunday in the six-handed limit hold ’em event and collected over $200,000 in winnings.

The buy-in for the tournament was only: $2,500.

Not a bad return for the second youngest law school graduate ever, who chose poker and domain names over practicing law. 

Dutch Boyd has struck it big in 2010 with the sale of at GreatDomains for $25,000, followed up by his second WSOP bracelet.

We’re fans of Poker and poker domains as well, so news of Dutch’s win at the six-handed limit hold’em event, prompted us to hand-register a few domain names while writing this story, including: and