Professional Poker Player and Domainer Dutch Boyd, still has time for domain names

"Arcade Ninjas"

Dutch Boyd's latest web development project is A domain he hand-registered, then developed using a script that cost him $10.

Dutch Boyd, the Professional Poker Player and Domainer-Developer, who recently won his second WSOP Bracelet, is back to blogging. 

But this time, instead of writing about his poker exploits, he’s writing about his latest domain development exploits in a post titled Out of the Main and back to real life…

The professional poker player, despite collecting $200,000 in winnings in June, still has time for a normal life – that is, if you consider investing in domain names and developing them, a “normal life”.

Dutch had recently sold the domain name for $25,000, but at the time of this story, the name is still registered to him.

For his latest project, Dutch Boyd hand registered, and quickly launched a free flash games website.  And even if it only pays him pennies per week, he’s happy with the return as long as it covers the renewal fee of the domain name. was the subject of his latest blog post.

So I snatched the domain up for regfee, spent $10 on a web arcade script called Arcade Block, spent $30 on a logo design contest and NamePros, a few hours surfing the Interwebs for free flash games that I would have permission to use on my new arcade site, a few more hours installing (and re-installing the script), a few minutes adding the Google Adsense code and VOILA! A new free flash games website which will hopefully bring enough pennies every week to pay for the yearly renewal fee of $8. For anyone who is too lazy to do the math, a domain needs to make 15 cents on average every week for you to break even.

Mike Sullivan
Mike Sullivan

I just finished up an interview with Dutch that I'll be posting next week.  Dutch seems like a good guy with an intriguing, yet tarnished background.  I expect we'll see more of Dutch in the domaining community.  Nice post.