Long-tail Domain Name sells for $18,000 at GreatDomains

"Piggie Bank"When’s the last time you saw a long-tail domain name sell for $18,000? 

Especially one that’s over 25 characters long.

Sales of Long-Tail Domains

2009 saw the sales of several long-tail insurance domains like for $6,000 a pop – names acquired by Joel Ohman of Domain Superstar on an insurance-domain shopping spree that included dozens of city-based home, car, and auto insurance domains.

Sedo GreatDomains is now reporting the sale of the long-tail domain name for $18,000.  

While it’s not necessarily an easy type-in domain, the new owner can tap into natural search traffic on Google – with nearly 30,000 exact Global keyword searches conducted last month alone.

A WordPress blog has been put up.  Still in its early stage of development, no ads are displayed, but several pages of content are online already. sold last week via Moniker for $16,200.  Though both long-tail domain names are marked Private, they appear to belong to the same owner, based on the look-and-feel of each website.

According to Estibot, the Average Cost Per Click for High Interest Savings Account is $19.20 USD.

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that’s awesome.  I own
highinterestbusinessaccount(s).com and .ca

offers being accepted!

Insurnace clicks go for over 20.00 for car insurance.. that guy is making a killing buying all those domain names. Did you know you cannot even touch a state insurance name like,, for under 200k.

Health insurance clicks cost around 8.00 bucks a click just ask ehealthinsurance

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