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Next-generation Xbox may be called Xbox Gold, according to recent domain activity [UPDATED]

Xbox Gold

As we get closer to Microsoft revealing its next-generation Xbox console, there will be a lot more talk about the name. Over the years, people have been suggesting possible names like the Xbox 720, Xbox Infinity, Xbox 8, Xbox Next, and the list goes on and on.

Given all the information already known about the next-gen console, here’s another name to throw into the ring: Xbox Gold.

Now before you say to yourself, “No way it will be called this”, this speculation isn’t entirely from left field, as Microsoft has left a new trail of domain bread crumbs recently involving the name “Xbox Gold”.

Trail of domain clues

The first clue that Microsoft may have plans to use “Xbox Gold” came two weeks ago when the company filed a complaint (Case Number: 1483759) with the National Arbitration Forum over the domain A day later, Microsoft followed up that complaint, with another over (Case Number: 1484502).

Then, this week, the company acquired the name from its previous owner, according to WHOIS records.

And that’s not all: over the last several days, as rumors of Microsoft preparing an Xbox event in April have been swirling around the internet, the company has been quietly acquiring and purchasing other “Xbox Gold” domain names like,,,,, and

Since Microsoft first filed its domain disputes earlier this month, I’ve been doing quite a bit of monitoring of Xbox Gold domains and have tracked the activity, which has led me to speculate on the next-gen console’s name.

Protecting IP or aligning next-gen console’s name with an already existing service?

You could argue Microsoft is doing nothing more than protecting its intellectual property, particularly its Xbox LIVE Gold subscription service.

It’s a possibility the company is simply defending its IP, but it’s also a possibility that the console could be named “identically to one of already existing services”, as was one of many rumors last October.

Users often refer to Xbox LIVE Gold as Xbox Gold, and if Microsoft decides to couple the next-gen console’s name with one of its already existing services, what better name than “Xbox Gold”?

While “Xbox Gold” hasn’t been one of the next-gen console names being tossed around the internet before, with all the recent steps the company has been taking to secure domain names this month, it’s a candidate.

Xbox LIVE Gold has been around for a number of years, so why start “defensively” acquiring and purchasing related names to the service a month before the rumored big reveal of the next-gen Xbox? Microsoft could have gone after the names a long time ago.

Microsoft’s report card on matching Xbox next-gen domains

The company’s report card on owning matching Xbox next-gen domain names is mixed.

Which name Microsoft goes with, may depend on what they already own.

Here’s a look. (WHOIS) – Microsoft does not own the domain.  The web address made news last year after the owner redirected it to Sony’s Playstation 3 site.  Today, the name sends visitors to a website called eGusta. (WHOIS) – Microsoft does not own the domain.  It is currently owned by a resident of China who registered the name after it expired in late 2012.  The domain points a parked web page monetized with ads. (WHOIS) -Microsoft does not own the domain.  It is also owned by a resident of China.  The domain name does not resolve to a web site at the time of this story being published. (WHOIS) – Microsoft does not own the domain.  It’s parked at Go Daddy and registered to a resident of California. (WHOIS) – Microsoft does own this domain, which it uses to redirect visitors to Bing.  The company has owned the domain for more than 10 years, but has never put it to use. (WHOIS) – You already know the story. Microsoft acquired the name earlier this week, but it’s unknown whether the company opened up its wallet to acquire the name, or if it threatened legal action in order to obtain it.

What next?

With regards to the and domain disputes, the cases are still pending.  It may be weeks before we know the outcome.Last July, Microsoft’s won two Xbox 8-related names at NAF.

In 2013 alone, the company has won or filed complaints over a number of names like,,, and more.

I’ve reached out to’s previous owner to inquire about the transaction, and will update this post if I hear anything back.

UPDATE 1:. “Xbox Gold & Entertainment” is mentioned in this internal Microsoft event agenda that was leaked.   It does have a “services” ring to it… via: Gamechup  source: NeoGAF

Internal Event Agenda (Microsoft Xbox) March 2013

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Readers: What do you think? Is “Xbox Gold” a long shot?

(Image of next Xbox concept art via designer Joseph Dumary)

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ZeniMax files trademarks for The Brigmore Witches, Void Walker’s Arsenal

The Brigmore Witches discussed in Daud

Earlier this week, ZeniMax Media filed two new trademark applications for “The Brigmore Witches” and “Void Walker’s Arsenal” with the United States Patent and Trademark Office.

The goods and services for both filings (Serial Numbers: 85849049 and 85849052) cover the same information:  computer game software for use with computers and video game consoles; downloadable computer game software offered via the internet and wireless devices.

Not much is known about the company’s plans for “The Brigmore Witches” or “Void Walker’s Arsenal”.

The Brigmore Witches are mentioned in the in-game Dishonored book – Rumors and Sighting: Daud, so it’s possible additional DLC is on the way for Dishonored.

The earliest stories tell of a gang-killer without mercy, moving among the shop keepers and City Watch officers of Dunwall like a reaper through wheat. Then a period of silence followed; years we now believe he spent traveling the Isles, studying anatomy and the occult in the great halls of learning and in hidden basements frequented by fellow dabblers in the forbidden arts. Daud is even purported to have spent a winter in the Academy of Natural Philosophy itself. And for a time, before a schism developed, he counted the Brigmore Witches among his allies. All the while, he honed his craft, and it is during this time that we believe he began to consort with the Outsider.

As far as Void Walker’s Arsenal, less is known about it’s origin.  If it’s tied to Dishonored, it may have something to do with The Void, an alternate dimension in Dishonored.

At the time of this story, ZeniMax Media has made no official announcement regarding “The Brigmore Witches” or “Void Walker’s Arsenal”.

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Is Warner registering Arkham domains for the next Batman movie or video game?

Dark Knight Arkham movie

Last year, Cosmic Book News reported that we could expect a new Batman film in 2016 based on the popular Batman: Arkham Asylum video game.

While there hasn’t been much talk about the Batman reboot since the rumors began, it appears this week that Warner Bros. is trying to secretly buy up domain names for the next Batman movie title or video game through the internet brand protection company MarkMonitor, the same company it uses for its very own (Whois) and for other recent domains like the 300 prequel.

The names, all registered on January 10, 2013, revolve around ‘Arkham’, like (WHOIS) and (WHOIS), and many more.

There are quite a few possibilities for movie or video game titles in the names that were registered.

Here’s a look at the full list of names: (Arkham Universe) (Batman Arkham Universe) (Batman Arkham Arises) (Batman Arkham Begins) (Batman Arkham Dark Knight) (Batman Arkham Knight) (Batman Arkham Legend) (Batman Arkham Legends) (Batman Arkham Night) (Batman Arkham Origins) (Batman Arkham Stories) (Dark Knight Arkham) (DC Arkham Universe) (DC Arkhamverse) (The Arkham Universe)

Keep in mind, although the owner of each domain is hidden behind MarkMonitor’s privacy service DNStination, Warner Bros. as I mentioned is a client of MarkMonitor, so you can bet they are the registrant.

It is possible that Warner Bros. is registering these names for no other reason than to protect it intellectual property and has no plans for them.  The names could also be used for a different Batman product.

Because there has been no official announcement, it’ll just have to remain speculation for now.

At the time of this story being published, none of the domain names resolve to a web page.

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Blizzard Entertainment takes ownership of mysterious Heroes of Warcraft domain

Blizzard Entertainment

Blizzard Entertainment has taken ownership of the domain

Back in November 2012, the gaming company filed a complaint with the National Arbitration Forum (NAF) against the owner, setting off speculation about the company’s future plans and rumblings that Warcraft IV might be in the works.

The dispute for the domain name was won by Blizzard Entertainment, but not in the traditional sense.  Instead of waiting on a decision to be handed down by the NAF arbitration panel, the complaint (Case No. 1470639) was withdrawn and the original owner transferred the name to Blizzard this week.  The WHOIS record now shows “BLIZZARD ENTERTAINMENT, INC.” as the registrant.

It’s unknown how the two sides arrived at an agreement or whether any money exchanged hands.

So, what is Heroes of Warcraft?

As I pointed out in my story in November, Warcraft III started out as a game called Heroes of Warcraft, but was ultimately called Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos.

A lot of people have their own theories, however, Blizzard still has yet to announce anything official, so for now, a game being released called “Heroes of Warcraft” remains speculation.

As of today, Blizzard also owns (WHOIS) and (WHOIS), but none of the names including, resolve to a web page.

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Riot Games continues scooping up domains, this time “eSports” names

LoL eSports

Riot Games looks to be expanding its online presence.  This week already the game studio registered the name, but that’s not all.    Riot has bought up even more domains, this time names centered around “league” and “esports”, like (WHOIS) and (WHOIS).

So, why are the makers of the “most played video game in the world” with the largest prize pool in eSports history registering these names?

Although it’s only speculation, I think we might see a web site and a level of professional programming from Riot Games, that you see with the likes of “ESPN”.

It’s not too far fetched an idea.  With Major League Gaming taking off, why not?

While the company may have nothing in store beyond protecting its IP, with a record 2012 and Season Three just beginning, I think many would agree that 2013 is shaping up to be the biggest year for League of Legends and eSports.

In its newest batch of registrations through the brand protection MarkMonitor, Riot picked up: (WHOIS), (WHOIS), (WHOIS), and (WHOIS).

It is just speculation at this stage though, as none of the newest registrations resolve to a web site.

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(Image of 2012 Riot Rumble via