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Is Riot Games working on a top secret game project called “Project 425”?

Project 425

Sometime in the mid-2000s, the domain name was privately registered through the registrar Melbourne IT.  The organization behind the registration was unknown until November 2008, when the Whois record showed Riot Games President Marc Merrill as the name’s owner.

Merrill continued to renew the domain name each year, but this past week it underwent some changes, most notably it transferred to the internet brand protection company MarkMonitor and instead of being renewed on an annual basis, the name was renewed through March 2015.

And as you can see from the Whois record, Riot Games is the outright owner.

So, what exactly is “Project 425”?

Right now, I don’t know anything about the project, because the secret of “Project 425” is hidden behind a password-protected website.  Currently, when you go to the web address, you’re asked for a username and password.

A senior League of Legends community member pointed out late last year, that Riot Games owns several random domains including names like (Whois) and (Whois).

However, unlike which actually is some type of website, the other domain names either don’t resolve to a web page or are parked at a registrar like Go Daddy and display ads.

It’s no secret that Riot Games is working on other projects, but what’s in store will likely remain unknown up until its launch.

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Facebook to launch Publishing Garage to help brands create better connections

Facebook Publishing Garage

It may not be official just yet, but all signs point to Facebook launching Facebook Publishing Garage, “a program geared at building world-class social publishing systems that enable brands to create the most meaningful connections with their connections and their friends through News Feed stories.”

Not only did Facebook register several domain names yesterday related to “Publishing Garage”, like (WHOIS) and (WHOIS), but a quick internet search for “Facebook Publishing Garage” brings up the website of Addie Marino, a Creative Strategist at Facebook in New York City, whose logo design work includes this new program.

One of Marino’s pages showcases the logo design work and provides more information about the program:

Facebook Publishing Garage.
Logo Design Exploration. 2012.

Challenge. Design an identity for the newly launched Facebook Publishing Garage — a program geared at building world-class social publishing systems that enable brands to create the most meaningful connections with their connections and their friends through News Feed stories.

Solution. Products are built in factories, warehouses, and garages across the world. This logo embodies the roll-up-your-sleeves kind of work that is “built” and “shipped” during the intensive three-day publishing workshop. The graph nodes and hexagon and pay homage to existing elements used throughout Facebook’s visual system. The result, is a play on familiar tools — a wrench and socket — used to build.

Results. More stories shared.

Here’s a screen shot of the web page:

Addie Marino

In addition to and on December 19, 2012, the social networking company also registered the following names:

No trademark application has popped up on the United States Patent and Trademark Office just yet, and none of the domain names currently resolve to a web site.

As of the time of this writing, Facebook has not officially announced the program, but considering all the internet hints, it looks like the news will be coming very soon.

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(Image of Facebook Publishing Garage logo via Addie Marino)

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Square Enix registers ‘All The Bravest’ domain, files game-related trademark

It would appear that Square Enix is working on something game-related called “All The Bravest”.

This past week, the company not only registered the domain names (WHOIS) and (WHOIS), it also filed a European Community Trademark for the name.

Both domain names were registered through the trademark and domain management company Thomson Brandy on November 29, 2012.

Also on the same day, Square Enix filed a trademark application (trade mark no 011386349).  The goods and services in the filing cover:

Computer game software; video game software; sound recordings in the form of optical discs, magnetic discs, semiconductor ROMs featuring music and/or fictional stories; audio visual recordings in the form of optical discs, magnetic discs, semiconductor ROMs featuring music and/or animated fictional stories; prerecorded compact discs featuring music; prerecorded video discs featuring music and/or animated fictional stories; prerecorded video cassettes featuring music and/or animated fictional stories; decorative magnets; mouse pads; straps for cellular phones; sunglasses; blank memory cards; memory card cases; CD cases; computer keyboards; joysticks; downloadable image files; downloadable wallpapers for computers and/or mobile phones; downloadable screensavers for computers and/or mobile phones; downloadable video recordings; downloadable musical sound recordings; downloadable ring tones for mobile phones; electronic publications in the field of computer games, video games, cartoons and/or general entertainment.

Computer game strategy guidebooks; video game strategy guidebooks; books featuring fictional and/or fantasy stories; graphic art books; song books; musical score books; comic books; magazines featuring video games and/or cartoons; posters; stickers; paper banners; calendars; postcards; stationery; collectors’ cards; trading cards; photographs.

Providing amusement facilities; amusement arcades; providing on-line computer games; providing on-line video games; providing information on computer game strategies and/or video game strategies via computer networks and/or global communication networks; providing information on entertainment in the field of computer games, video games, card games, animated cartoons, comics, novels and/or magazines; providing on-line non-downloadable comics; providing on-line non-downloadable magazines in the field of computer games, video games, cartoons and/or general entertainment.

At this point, it’s unknown what sort of plans Square Enix has for “All The Bravest”.

Aside from the details of trademark application and domain names (neither of which resolve to a web site) not much is known.

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Blizzard Entertainment registers the domain name [UPDATED]

Project Blackstone

Blizzard Entertainment has had quite a bit of activity lately on the domain front.  Earlier this month the company filed a complaint against the owner of  Then this week, Blizzard registered the name (WHOIS). was at one time registered to a resident of Texas, but expired in early 2011 and wasn’t renewed by its original owner.

On November 26, 2012, Blizzard registered the name, as you can see from details of the WHOIS record.

Project Blackstone

It’s unknown what Project Blackstone is destined to be.  At the time of this story, the name doesn’t resolve to a web page.

UPDATE 1 February 6, 2013 – A new teaser site on Battle.Net is teasing narrative elements for the campaign of Starcraft II: Heart of the Swarm.  (Project Blackstone via Gamenguide)

Project Blackstone screenshot

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Warcraft IV? Blizzard Entertainment files complaint over

Heroes of Warcraft

Over the past year, Blizzard Entertainment has made a number of domain acquisitions including, nearly 15 years after the game’s first release.  The company also registered the name just last month for unknown reasons.

Now, Blizzard Entertainment is attempting to acquire the domain, only instead of having to pay what may be a lot of money demanded by its current owner, the company has filed a complaint (Case No. 1470639) with the National Arbitration Forum in hopes of the name being ordered transferred to their control.

Will “Heroes of Warcraft” be the title of the next Warcraft?

According to WHOIS records, is currently registered to a resident of the United Kingdom.  Originally hidden behind Go Daddy’s Domains By Proxy (DBP) service, Go Daddy removed the privacy service on the domain in the past week, revealing the identity of the owner.

It’s unknown what Blizzard has planned for “Heroes of Warcraft” or why the company had to file a dispute, but the company hinted at something more for Heroes of Warcraft back in September when it registered the name (WHOIS).


Warcraft III started out as a game called Heroes of Warcraft, but was ultimately called Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos.

Blizzard Entertainment is no stranger to the UDRP, having filed its first case back in 2007 over and winning.

To win this dispute, the company must demonstrate that all of the elements enumerated in paragraph 4(a) of the Policy have been satisfied:

(1) that the disputed domain name registered by the Respondent is identical or confusingly similar to a trademark or service mark in which the Complainant has rights; and

(2) that the Respondent has no rights or legitimate interests in respect of the disputed domain name; and

(3) that the disputed domain name has been registered and is being used in bad faith

I will update this post as more information becomes available.

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