Square Enix registers ‘Blood Masque’ domains – BloodMasque.com, .net

Two new domain registrations this week suggest Square Enix has a new title in the works. On January 29, 2013, Square Enix registered the domains BloodMasque.com (WHOIS) and BloodMasque.net (WHOIS). Beyond the names, there is no information at this point about the title "Blood Masque", so it's … [Read more...]

Square Enix registers ‘All The Bravest’ domain, files game-related trademark

It would appear that Square Enix is working on something game-related called "All The Bravest". This past week, the company not only registered the domain names AllTheBravest.com (WHOIS) and AllTheBravest.net (WHOIS), it also filed a European Community Trademark for the name. Both domain names … [Read more...]

Square Enix registers ‘Wizardlings’ domains for yet to be announced game

Wizardlings.com and Wizardlings.net are two of the domain names that Square Enix registered this week through the brand protection agency Corporation Service Company. But the company didn't stop there. According to Whois records, Square also registered TheWizardlings.com (Whois), … [Read more...]

As talk of Final Fantasy VII remake heats up, Square gets FinalFantasyviiPC.com

There's been a lot of talk recently about remaking Final Fantasy VII, which was first released back in 1997.  Though the game set several sales records and received widespread acclaim, character designer Tetsuya Nomura recently said new titles take precedence over remakes. That still hasn't stopped … [Read more...]

Square Enix registers Just Cause 4 domains; Just Cause 3 not yet released

Aside from 2011 rumors of a Just Cause 3 video game in development and a movie, there hasn't been a whole lot of news lately about Just Cause. That may be about to change as Square Enix has registered a slew of Just Cause 4 domain names on May 18, 2012, like JustCause4.com (Whois) and JustCause4.fr … [Read more...]

Square Enix files “Solo Remix” trademark

According to a recent trademark filed by Square Enix, it looks like you may be able to remix your own music from Square Enix games like Final Fantasy XIII, soon. The game publisher submitted trademark applications, which cover a wide variety of goods and services, both in Europe (Application … [Read more...]

Mini Ninjas sequel to be called Hiro’s Adventure? Square Enix registers names

Two recent domain name registrations by Square Enix Limited suggest that a sequel to the action-adventure video game Mini Ninjas may be in the works.  According to Whois records, the youngest of all the mini ninjas may be embarking on a new quest called Hiro's Adventure.  On March 2, 2012, Square … [Read more...]

Square Enix Ltd. files ‘Core’ trademark for the provision of online game services

Square Enix Limited has filed a curious trademark application with the United States Patent and Trademark Office for "Core".  The goods and services covered by the filing (serial no. 85421330) include "Entertainment services, namely, the provision of online computer game services; online computer … [Read more...]

Square Enix registers another Army Corps of Hell domain after teaser launch

It appears the new Square Enix teaser site called "A Brand New Title of Hell" will be for a previously registered European trademark "Army Corps of Hell".  Following the launch of the teaser site, Square Enix has apparently registered the domain name armycorpsofhellgame.com through Corporation … [Read more...]

Square Enix files new trademark application for Final Fantasy Versus XIII

A recent trademark filing by Square Enix should reinvigorate fans' hopes that Final Fantasy Versus XIII may finally come to fruition after first being announced years ago, way back in 2006. Square Enix originally submitted a trademark application in May 2006 (serial number: 78873744), and now the … [Read more...]