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Disney registers domain name through brand protection agency

Disney Console

It may be something.  Or it may be nothing.  What is for sure is that Disney Enterprises, Inc. has registered the domain (WHOIS).

The domain was registered this week through Corporation Service Company (CSC), a company that helps businesses protect their brands.

In January 2013, the internet was abuzz with rumors about Disney possibly working with Apple on a video game console after the tech blog Patently Apple uncovered a patent application.

The company released its sandbox video game Infinity in August 2013.  This week, Disney Interactive announced that Disney Infinity has already sold 1,000,000 of its $75 starter packs. may be nothing more than a defensive registration tied to Disney Infinity, either way, it’s just speculation for now.

As of today, redirects users to, the landing page for Disney content (operated by the Walt Disney Internet Group).

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Disney’s LucasFilm registers ‘Star Wars Attack Squadrons’ domain names [UPDATED]

Star Wars Attack Squadrons

Disney has gone out and registered domain names for a yet to be announced project called Star Wars Attack Squadrons.

The registrations include names like,,, and, to name just a few.

Most of the names were registered under LucasFilm through the brand protection agency Corporation Service Company (CSC).

Though it’s unknown whether “Star Wars Attack Squadrons” will be a movie, a theme park ride, or some other product, it’s possible a video game is in the works with the same title.

Earlier this year, Electronic Arts and Disney signed a multi-year agreement for EA to develop Star Wars games.  And it may be nothing more than a coincidence, but EA is the registrant of (WHOIS) and (WHOIS), which do not resolve to a web page.  EA has owned the names for years according to WHOIS historical records.

For now, it will have to remain speculation, though considering the number of domains that were registered, Disney seems very interested in protecting this intellectual property.

Here are just some of the domain registrations made under LucasFilm: (WHOIS) (WHOIS) (WHOIS) (WHOIS) (WHOIS) (WHOIS) (WHOIS) (WHOIS) (WHOIS) (WHOIS) (WHOIS) (WHOIS) (WHOIS) (WHOIS) (WHOIS) (WHOIS) (WHOIS) (WHOIS) (WHOIS) (WHOIS) (WHOIS) (WHOIS) (WHOIS) (WHOIS)

The above list is not an exhaustive list.  The same names also appear to have been registered in the .biz and extensions.

The names were all registered on July 26, 2013, but none resolve to a web page at the time of this story.

In the past 24 hours, they were moved over from CSC’s domain servers to Disney’s.

Disney has yet to announce anything official.

UPDATE 1 August 16, 2013: So far, nothing has surfaced at this point to explain Disney’s plans behind “Star Wars Attack Squadrons”, but there has been a new development. The domain names, and, which EA has owned for years, changed registrants to CSC Corporate Domains, Inc. in the past 24 hours and were moved to Disney’s DNS servers on  You can look at the WHOIS records here and here to learn more.

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Lucasfilm registers slew of domains for Star Wars Alliance, Bothan Spies, Order 67, Star Wars Rebels, many more

Star Wars

It was announced this week, that Electronic Arts and The Walt Disney Company signed a multi-year video game agreement which allows them to create Star Wars games.

Now Lucasfilm, which was acquired by Disney last year, has registered a slew of new domain names that include titles like:  Star Wars Alliance, Star Wars Rebels, Star Wars Wolf Pack, Wolf Pack Adventures, Order 67, Bothan Spies, Gungan Frontier 2, Gungan Frontier 3, Gungan Frontier 4, and Wookie Hunters.

Here’s a the list:

While it’s unknown what will become of Star Wars: 1313 and Star Wars: First Assault, it looks like more plans are already in the works for other titles.

Movies? Games?  It’s anyone’s guess, what many of these titles like Bothan Spies are destined for.  But given the timing, you can bet many of the titles have something to do with Electronic Arts.

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Electronic Arts registers domains for Battlefield 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, and 20

Battlefield 19

Call it defensive or call it long-term planning, but Electronic Arts has gone out and registered dot-com domains for Battlefield 13 all the way through Battlefield 20.

On May 2, EA registered each of the names through the brand protection agency Corporation Service Company (CSC), adding to its ever-growing collection of Battlefield-related web addresses which includes its crown-jewel, a name that EA spent $80,000 USD to acquire.

As of today, EA now owns,, and – – are owned by other parties, not associated with Electronic Arts.

By comparison to its biggest competitor, Activision, through and beyond, are not registered at the time of this story being published.

EA is expected to release Battlefield 4 this fall.

In late April, EA acquired from its owner for $9,000 USD.

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EA buying up Battledrome domains, game originally published in the nineties

Electronic Arts logo

Electronic Arts has been quietly buying up “Battledrome” domains, according to recent name acquisitions made through the brand protection agency Corporation Service Company (CSC).

In early January, the domain (WHOIS) switched owners from a resident of Australia to CSC.  Though it’s “officially” unknown who is really behind the dotcom, because CSC is currently the listed registrant, you can bet it was Electronic Arts using CSC as an intermediary in order to keep the price lower.

But there’s no doubt Electronic Arts is working on a project called “Battledrome”.  With the dotcom acquired, on January 16, EA went ahead and registered a slew of related domains through CSC, like (WHOIS), (WHOIS), (WHOIS), (WHOIS), (WHOIS), and (WHOIS).

So, what is Battledrome?


In the mid-nineties, Battledrome was a videogame published as part of the Metaltech series, where players commanded giant HERCs in head-to-head combat over a network.

The game wasn’t developed or published by EA, but the game sure seems like a good candidate for online battle.

At the time of this story, Electronic Arts has made no official announcement and none of the domain names resolve to a web page.

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