Shocked? meets reserve, bidding at $5,850 USD

"Serial Killer"

The volume of search for the keywords "serial killer" is rather astonishing. Local search volume in May with an exact match type of "Exact" was over 30,000. Global monthly search volume reached nearly 100,000 exact searches. is not necessarily the squeaky-clean domain name most would think of buying, but keyword domains can’t always be taken for facevalue. sold earlier this year for $130,000, and while it seems logical that would be used for a Fantasy Baseball website or something relevant to the sport of Baseball, especially for that hefty pricetag, instead is being used for a “Group Buying” website.

A revived concept that is making companies millions. was included in the April Great Domains auction, but failed to sell after only receiving a high bid of $3,099, below it’s reserve price.  Now its met its reserve over at GreatDomains.

If you’ve been watching the news, criminals like Joran Van der Sloot are making headlines worldwide, so it’s quite possible this name could be used to provide curious web surfers with information about infamous serial killers like Joran van der Sloot and others.

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