Within Seven Days of Launching, CookingGames.com Moves to the No 7 Spot in Google Search

"Cooking Games"

It is one thing to own a domain and let it stumble around from parking site to parking site, in search of a better monetization strategy, but it is quite another thing to develop a domain into a full blown website.

Why is development so important? None of the domains that are parked, no matter how killer they are, will ever live up to their potential unless they are unlocked for development.

If you’re tracking the progress of CookingGames.com, the $350,000 domain with type in traffic already in the thousands per month, has quickly moved into the #7 spot in Google Search with the latest Google update – within 7 days of “officially” launching.

Bill Kara (who is now on Twitter) thought about purchasing the website that owns the #1 spot, but he’s confident with a few tweaks here and there his website can quickly move into the top spot.

Wanna start your own Gaming site?

If you’re looking to start you own game website and you don’t have the development skills, WordPress has you covered. There are a number of sites out there right now offering premium wordpress themes that can help you get started – sites like MyArcadeBlog Pro which was mentioned in the previous Hallpass Media story (and is used by RestaurantGames.com) and WPArcade.

Can’t say whether they are worth buying or not, since no Fusible properties use WPArcade – but it may be a good trial for VideoGameJunkies.com a name acquired off NameJet for $89 in November 2009.

Any readers out there who have installed and used any of these premium wordpress themes, feel free to drop a note with a link to the site.