Bidder’s Regret with Typo Domains, are Buyers actually doing their research?

"Full Tilt Poker"

According to DomainTools typo generator, nearly all swapped letter typos are taken, many like re-direct to (a website that receives nearly 750,000 unique visitors per month).

Love them or hate them, typo domain names with traffic can be profitable. In December 2009, (a typo of Bissell) sold on NameJet and ended with a $10,088 sale price and 118 bids from 74 bidders. But at least that name came with type in traffic.

Not all typo domain names, no matter how good they look, are worth very much – even if every typo variation is already registered.

That’s the case with a typo gambling domain name over at NameJet that expired on June 15, 2010:  The domain already has 4 bidders with a high bid of $555.  But that’s really all it has.

Are bidders doing their research?

Some domain names are so easy to misspell, because they involve little thought. For example, Many type the URL into their browser with just one ‘t’. gets as many as 140,000 unique visitors per month.

However, in the case of, it’s pretty tough to spell it with the letter ‘d’ instead of ‘t’. Give it a shot on your keyboard and see for yourself.

But the fact doesn’t have much potential, hasn’t stopped NameJet users from bidding up the domain — A domain with zero visitors in type-in traffic, zero page rank, and other issues that would cause most domain investors to be wary such as trademark issues (although it appears the Full Tilt Poker trademark was abandoned years ago).

Before you bid on a domain, do your research. Unless you are absolutely sure the spelling is correct, most web sites have a feature to view the domain in Uppercase.

Unfortunately, one unlucky winner in this case, is getting stuck with a $500+ bill, maybe more.


The domain for sure has traffic. It is not a keyboard typo, but a phonetic typo. Not everyone won the spelling competition in highschool. The domain has an alexa rank of 9736968, indicating some traffic.