Own a built out geo domain? Why not try Group Buying as a service?


Group buying is of course a hot market in 2010 - with companies like LivingSocial and GroupOn vying to stay on top, despite dozens of companies launching each week.

So you own a geo domain and are pressing ahead with development.  So why not add Group Buying as a service on your web site?  While loads of group buying start ups are showing up online, those companies and individuals who own built out geo domains can benefit from offering deails in the city or state of their geo domain.

Before Kevin Ham goes countrywide in Canada with his own group buying venture GoodNews.com, he looks to be focusing solely on Vancouver before expanding into other major cities across Canada.

And it makes sense.

Kevin Ham owns and operates Vancouver.com.

Kevin Ham might be the first to integrate group buying and geo domains

Vancouver is the largest metropolitan area in Western Canada according to Wikipedia, ranking third largest in the country. Based on the 2006 census Vancouver had a population of 578,041.

There are deals to be made, especially group buying deals.

And it won’t be long before companies like GroupOn and LivingSocial likely partner up with owners of geo domains that are built out.

Yipit, another group buying startup, actually aggregates daily deals already from services like Groupon, LivingSocial, Scoop St, HomeRun (and about 90 others).

So whether you partner up with a group buying service like GroupOn, it might even be better to take Kevin Ham’s approach — and do-it-yourself.