You just got paid for tweeting about Domain Names

SponsoredTweets is a wholly owned property of IZEA. IZEA is a venture-backed company that has raised $10 million from some of the world’s leading investors.

The Twitter market is only growing stronger in numbers and events like the World Cup demonstrate how powerful the microblogging website can be. According to the Associated Press, “Though Twitter normally sees about 750 tweets per second on an average day, there were 2,940 tweets per second”.

Having got on the Twitter bandwagon relatively late, we’ve still been able to grow our Twitter following to an amazing number: 31,000+.

Despite what people say about the ratio of your Twitter following to followers, high numbers of Twitter followers are still one of the best ways to get traffic back to your website and to monetize your Twitter account. Size does matter, and the quickest way to build numbers is to follow new people and to follow-back people who follow you first.

You’d be surprised who you’d meet and who retweets your messages, it’s not always the obvious – especially when it comes to Tweeting about domain names.

Monetize Your Twitter Account

If you spend time on Twitter, then maybe you should get paid to do something on Twitter. You can get paid to Tweet by web sites like SponsoredTweets, Twitter advertising platform that connects advertisers with tweeters, by tweeting messages from advertisers. You can also get paid by referring other people to Twitter and receive 10% of SponsoredTweets portion of revenue for each successful transaction that Tweeter makes.

We’ve been signed up to SponsoredTweets for some time, and even though Twitter changed it’s Advertising Policy, SponsoredTweets is still going strong. It’s a small niche market for the Domain Industry on Twitter, with a lot of potential.

It’s nice to receive email messages titled “Good News! You just got paid for tweeting” and “You earned money from a SponsoredTweets Referral”.

There’s no secret where our Twitter followers come from: we follow back and we follow new people. This is what some of the most successful internet marketers like Guy Kawasaki even do, who have written about the implications of a large following.

In 2009, Guy wrote an article for Entrepreneur magazine titled Create a Twitter Following that included tips like:

Follow everyone who follows you. Some people will respond to you and everyone who follows them will see this–which is more exposure for you.

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