Kevin Ham reinvents the web site, there’s a new kid in town

Reinvent is changing its image, and taking a more aggressive approach to domains and the internet, the corporate web site of Domain Guru Kevin Ham, has reinvented itself. 

The company that has steadily been expanding it’s presence on the web by developing its portfolio of domains such as,, and – is now focused on expanding its team and ideas. 

The company is growing, both online and offline. 

With Kevin Ham owning a lion share’s of the best domain names on the web, Reinvent is positioning to become a major player on the internet, and part of that process appears to be taking a much more aggressive approach.

Look Out Demand Media, Here Comes Reinvent

If Kevin Ham and his crew at Reinvent can continue to pull together to develop domain names into their own business units, companies like Demand Media and Idealab, may need to look out.  Reinvent owns some of the best properties on the net – names like,, – and yes, even

The new site design is “lite” on content and looks to be a work in progress.  With only a couple pages (as opposed to dozens of pages on the old site), the company is focusing on hiring employees to continue it’s growth.

We have a unique approach to total rewards that emphasizes community, wellness, and development. Our culture is uniquely friendly, casual, and apolitical. We share information freely with team meetings and updates and celebrate regularly with team lunches, foosball and pool tournaments, Rock Band jam sessions, and of course our monthly birthday extravaganzas.

In Canada, we offer 100% employer-funded extended heath benefits, and subsidize 50% of provincial health plans for the employee, couples, or families. We match your RRSP contributions, starting at 20% in year one and growing to 100% in year eight (with some indexed limits). We offer flex time, telecommuting and nearly four weeks of paid time off to start (vacation, personal days, and winter shutdown). As part of our leadership development program, we offer an additional 40 hours per year of paid time to serve on the board of a local non-profit or cause, or flex time and the use of up to four personal days per year to volunteer or participate in local fundraising campaigns or events.

We offer ongoing professional development of up to $1,500 per person each year (related to your craft) as well as peer-led tech talks where we learn from each other. We do not believe in burning people out and you’ll see the office nearly empty by 6:00, time we hope you use for friends and family.

The new home page, rotates different calls to action with each click – focusing on the power of Reinvent’s portfolio.  The variety of quotes include:

Domains are the hub of the internet and we own a very big piece.

Where’s the next big idea coming from?

Traditional Media is struggling…there’s a new kid in town.

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