What’s so great about GreatDomains? The names aren’t so great after all


MakeWager.com appraised at $160 by Valuate.com, is one of the featured domain names for the upcoming GreatDomains auction set to run on Aug. 19th, 2010

GreatDomains.com has had some blockbuster sales that would lead you to believe they only accept premium domain names in their online auctions, but that’s not always the case. 

Once again, GreatDomains has another auction scheduled to start on August 19th, with names some might call “low quality”.  

While it’s surprising to see some of the names listed at auction, the requirements according to the web site are strict. 

Who decides what’s a Great Domain?

To the uninitiated who haven’t attempted to submit domain names to GreatDomains, a name you consider premium can very well be rejected.  Making the entire selection process, questionable and confusing despite the clear-cut submission requirements that state the domain name must generic, e.g. car.com and creditcards.com.

What juggernaut domains are slated for the mid-August auction at GreatDomains?


A quick scan of the list currently shown at GreatDomains, shows that a number of the so-called “Great” domains are available in the .NET and .ORG extensions.


It’s not to say that these names won’t sell, but to some degree, you have to question what’s really involved in the decision-making process at Sedo.