Gambling Domains could be worth a whole lot more money

"Online Gambling"

Online Gambling could get a boost in the U.S., raising prices of domain names dealing with gambling

If you’ve been following the news headlines today, you’ve probably seen all the news on the possibility of legalizing online gambling in the U.S. 

SO what does that mean for you, if you’ve invested in gambling domains? 

Gambling operators need land to build on, and what better land to build on than well known phrases or sayings in the gambling world?

If you’ve been holding on to your gambling domains for the right offer to come along, it could be sooner than later, as the Gambling Domain industry could be showing even more signs of picking up in a blockbuster year of gambling domain sales (Remember, selling for $1,000,000?).

2010 Could Be the Year for Gambling Domains

2010 already has several gambling domains in the Top 10 domain sales of the year, with sitting at the top at $5.5MM.  Now the second half of 2010 could see many more top gambling domain sales.

Here’s an excerpt from The Washington Post that discusses more about gambling online.

Congress is thinking about making it legal to play online gambling games like poker.

The House Financial Services Committee approved a bill on Wednesday under which Internet gambling operators could get licenses authorizing them to take bets from people in the U.S. If it becomes a law, it would overturn a federal ban on the payments of Americans who gamble online.

However, the bill would continue to prohibit betting on sports, which accounts for millions of dollars in online gambling activity.

The Internet Gambling Regulation, Consumer Protection, and Enforcement Act passed out of the committee by a 41-to-22 vote. Now the committee can send the bill to the House for consideration, where it could be considered in September at the earliest.