Flipping.co posts sales of .co domains, Establishes itself as major player in .co Aftermarket


Cure.co tops the active auctions at Flipping.co, with 2 bidders and the high bid currently at $380

While the .co domain is literally only days old, Flipping.co has been posting sales of .co on the aftermarket already.  To date, the .CO registry has sold over 360,000 web addresses with no signs of slowing down. 

And that means a lot of speculators are looking for a platform to “flip” their domains.  Flipping refers to the investment strategy by domain investors, of buying and reselling domain names quickly.

Flipping.co Backed my Major Player in the Domain Industry

Francois Carrillo, the operator of Flipping.co and other domain marketplace properties like Catchy.com, has put together another aggressive marketing plan advertising Flipping.co on third-party websites and on websites within the Domaining network including Domaining.com, the popular domain blog aggregator that receives thousands of visitors per month.

The domain Flipping.co was registered July 20, 2010, and launched shortly afterwards, giving domain investors who have been speculating on the new domain an opportunity to quickly turn a profit.  

The .CO registry granted several premium domain names early on to people and companies who applied to be a .COFounder, a program that requires the owner to develop the name within 30 days.  Although Flipping.co was registered during the landrush, it surely has been one of the most notable developments in the .CO landscape.

.CO Domain Sales

While .co is still in its early days, a number of .co domains have already sold through the Flipping.co web site, and more are in active auctions like Tos.co with 4 bidders and a high bid of $300.

Other .co domains in active auctions include:


Showing signs that .co can penetrate the domain aftermarket, .co domains could be commanding much higher prices in the months ahead.   And Francois Carrillo’s Flipping.co has established its as a major contender in the .co aftermarket.